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Emeco makes chairs. In America. Often by hand. Mostly with recycled stuff, but always built to last.

Emeco strongly believes if it can create an environment where people care about the planet, then together, we can make a difference. To Emeco, it’s not about the style of a chair, its about everything they do. Its about the material, it’s about the process, its about the end of a life. You’ll find the same hidden values in all of their products.

10-06 Navy Chair

Emeco made the 10-06 chair out of recycled materials in 1944. The chair was made to last forever.It was what the US Navy needed for Navy ships because it was lightweight, non-corrosive, fire-proof, and super strong so the soldiers couldn’t destroy them.

Emeco has kept those same values and have continued on.

111 Navy Chair with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola approached Emeco and wanted to do a collaboration. The PET plastic bottles were the best way to transport their beverages, but the plastic was ending up in landfills. Emeco has a heritage of coming up with solutions so each chair has 111 waste plastic bottles.

Its Emeco's destiny to use waste materials in an intelligent way. The point is to make really good chairs, and good means more than just sitting.

You look at an Emeco chair and they are very simple and humble. Emeco's heritage is there.

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