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Legare Furniture

Legare Furniture

The first Legare desk was built locally on a very low budget. Having little capital to buy furniture, one of the founders of a small internet startup in Dallas, TX decided to design and build an affordable desk that would have all the features of furniture that they couldn't afford, but that could be built locally on a very low budget.

Starting with the idea for modularity and the requirement for office growth, the design started as a corner desk with an add-on peninsula, both cut from only four 5'x5' sheets of Baltic Birch plywood, using the material as efficiently as possible. Using the CNC router allowed the design to take a unique direction - one that would allow the desk pieces to interlock without the need for tools or fasteners for assembly.

Constructed of the finest Moso Bamboo plywood, the material is sourced only from FSC Certified mills. The use of plywood is important not only for strength and beauty, but also because of the efficient use of bamboo stalks and low VOC emission adhesives used in its manufacture. The material is then finished in a very eco-friendly carbonizing process, which gives Legare furniture its beautiful golden amber color.

Legare's FSC Certification means that only legally harvested bamboo is used in production - no bamboo from ecologically significant, socially valuable, specially protected or uncontrolled groves is allowed.

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