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Our Mission

Responsibly managed forests

Our mission is founded on these four principles:

Purpose Driven

We are a family-owned and purpose-driven company led by a desire to make a positive impact on our world by protecting the health of our customers, communities, and planet.

Simply Modern

Our style is functional and unadorned, celebrating only the best natural materials such as organic cotton and sustainably harvested wood that are non-toxic and third-party certified. 

Built to Last

Our products are hand-crafted  by artisans relying on generations of experience and intricate woodworking and metal work to create products of unmatched quality.

Ethically Made

We source our materials responsibly from companies who practice sustainable forestry or make products from recycled or recyclable materials.

We aim to protect our forests and the people and wildlife who rely on them. 

Responsibly managed forests provide us with clean air and clean water by restricting hazardous chemicals and following responsible harvesting and forestry practices that minimize forest degradation and erosion.

They ensure a diversity of animals, trees and other plants, as well as safe working conditions. They provide better jobs for the local community and respect the rights of local people.

By purchasing and creating demand for products from responsibly managed forests, you can help protect forests for future generations. 



  • 70% of terrestrial animals and plants live in forests, including some of the most endangered birds and mammals, such as orangutans, gorillas, pandas, Northern Spotted Owls and Marbled Murrelets. 
  • The world’s forests store 283 billion tons of carbon in their biomass
  • Deforestation and forest degradation is the second leading cause of carbon pollution, causing 20% of total greenhouse gas emissions.