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Tronk is a Cincinnati-based furniture company that prides itself on its unique modern designs, the quality of its LEED certified materials used, and it's superior craftsmanship.  

From Amish woodworkers to expert metalworkers, everything is made in the USA, from the product all the way down to the packaging and powder-coating. And since TRONK makers are so good at what they do, their made in America furniture is available for the same price as the guys that import.

With clean lines, sleek styling and strong features, TRONK furniture reflects a timeless American design aesthetic that will never go out of style. 

"The beauty of the material speaks for itself. We try to keep our pieces as slim and elegant as possible without sacrificing functionality. The style is minimalist, but each item has subtle details that add a little pop to catch the eye." 

-Brad Musuraca (owner & designer)

(Product Images Coming Soon)