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Whole Forest

Whole Forest

Whole Forest’s innovative, environment-first business model aims to keep Chocó forest — one of Ecuador’s last remaining coastal rainforests — intact. By bringing together sustainable forestry practices, community partners, and conscious consumers, Whole Forest is able to protect the Chocó forest from clearcutting & illegal logging, while at the same time encouraging the financial health of the town of Cristobal Colón. 

Whole Forest works to protect the health of the rainforest, its people, and climate. They practice sustainable forestry to stop deforestation, which produces 10% of global carbon emissions, by only harvesting 2 to 3 tress per acre every 20 years. This protects critical habitats and keeps carbon stored in a healthy forest. 

Whole Forest also works with community partners to offer new jobs in forestry and manufacturing which pay 6 times higher, empowering locals.

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